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Application of VOC Volatile Organic Gases Detection 
Application of VOC Volatile Organic Gases Detection 

Industrial VOC EmissionCommercial VOC Emissions 

Indoor FormaldehydeRespiratory Alcohol Detection

The emission of chemical production, paint and paint, printing and manufacturing, home decoration and other industries emissions of volatile organic gas VOC carcinogenic rate and high pathogenic rate, very great harm to the human body, various kinds of gas of a wide variety of hundreds.

EC Sense is an epoch-making revolutionary technological breakthrough in the field of All Gaspolymer electrochemical gas sensors for VOC gas detection in the field of VOC detection, providing low-cost, high quality sensing gas products for VOC detection.The former EC Sense classified VOC and developed a very good independent VOC product: HCHO、C2H4O、C2H2O、C7H8、C8H10、C4H8 and so on.

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