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The principle of electrochemical gas sensor2019-09-25

1. What is the electrochemical gas sensor

    Electrochemical sensor operated by reaction with analytes and generate electrical signals. Most electrochemical gas sensor is current sensor, temperature and gas concentration into linear proportion of electric current. The principle of current measurement sensor is measuring the current balance of the electrochemical batteries - potential has not been established. Current and commonly used another electrode (the so-called reference electrode) maintain a constant potential sensor electrode (also known as the working electrode), the rate of electrolysis process is related to the quantitative.


2. The working principle of electrochemical gas sensor

    Solid polymer electrochemical sensing technology is a revolutionary innovation in the field of electrochemical detection technology. The technology is based on the electrochemical principle of gas detection, measurement of chemical decomposition can be all kinds of gas. Sensor is made up of three electrodes in contact with the electrolyte, typical electrode is composed of large surface area of precious metals and other materials. Exposed electrode, electrolyte and the surrounding air, the gas through a porous membrane diffusion into the sensor on the back of working electrode, gas is oxidation or reduction on the electrode, the electrochemical reaction through the external circuit current.

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