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Geek new bees intelligent environment technology (Beijing) co., LTD

    Three dad home intelligent environment technology (Beijing) co., LTD is a new dollar fund ficus altissima capital investment of Internet electronic business company, focus on the manufacture and sale of household hardware environment related to the healthy growth of children's intelligence.

    Three dad, located in this child family of service through the first products dedicated purifier children acquire the angel users, set up the user community, played the brand influence. Subsequent will broaden the product line, through the consumption of oxygen fan seize new air purification field upgrade opportunities, access to primary and secondary school kindergarten centralized purchasing fresh products of the big cake; Also develop intelligent technology such as robots, AR AIDS toy, become leading brand of children's intelligent life on children's health, education and entertainment to research and development products; Relying on big data research and development has its own intellectual property rights of the artificial intelligence engine, providing personalized application software and online services, let the children smarter, healthier and happier.

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