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Gas Sensor Technology Download After Sales Service Problem Solving
Need to calibrate sensors use how long?

Initial alignment and then the calibration interval length depends on many factors, usually includes the use of sensor temperature, humidity, pressure, were exposed to the gas, and the length of time were exposed to air. Using ECsence products need regular calibration, such as once a year. Such as the sensor using a highly demanding or for security applications, the calibration work may need a relatively frequent.

Cross interference sexual difference will have how old?

We give the cross interference of value to a small number of sensors, on the basis of the tests used to response the sensor for various gases, rather than the reaction of the target gas. When the environment changes, the sensor performance may be different, each batch of cross interference value may be up to 50% of the differences.

Pump is used in the front of the sensor, will accelerate reaction?

Using the pump will not speed up the sensor's own reaction, but the pump can make gas samples from the inaccessible location quickly and efficiently through the sensor. So that the pump can affect the overall reaction time of the equipment.

If you can add a layer of film or filters in front of the sensor?

Can put Ann film or filter for protection, but must make the pledge that we will not be caused by "block space" and the response time of the extension of the sensor.

When designing appropriate sample system should consider what factors?

Designing sample system is very important, is to use can prevent gas by adsorption on material on the surface of the sample system. The best material is: polymer, PTFE, TFE and FEP. Gas concentration may lead to moisture condensation, and block the sensor or overflow from the sensor, so you need to use the proper dehydrator. Or use the Nafion pipe material, moisture removal in moisture accumulation phase.

On high temperature gas should be cooling and the temperature of the sample gas sensor in order to achieve allow requirements, and use the appropriate filter to remove the granular material. In addition, can also sample axial chemical filter installed in the system, eliminate the cross interference of the gas.

If the temperature of the temperature of the gas itself, the sensor is different?

The temperature of the sensor itself determines the minimum display current, and by measuring the temperature of the gas samples have certain influence on this.

The rate of gas molecules enter the sensing electrode through pores determines the signal of the sensor. If through the pores of the diffusion of gas temperature and the gas temperature within the sensor is different, may cause certain influence to the sensitivity of the sensor. Before the equipment complete set, there may be slight drift or instantaneous current changes.

How to identify your sensor?

ECsence for each sensor has unique series code, product code and production date code label.

Exposure to the target gas sensor can be last?

Oxygen sensors can continuously monitor oxygen capacity in the range of 0-30% oxygen concentration, or oxygen capacity in the range of 0-100% pressure.

Gas sensor can monitor intermittent target gas, generally not suitable for use in continuous monitoring, especially involving high gas concentration, high humidity or high temperature. In order to reach the goal of continuous monitoring, and sometimes you can use two (or three) sensor recycling method, make each sensor in half the time only at most exposed to the gas, the other half of the time can be restored in the fresh air.

Sensor shell is made of what material?

 Considering the compatibility with the internal electrode system and the application of sustainability requirements, we use different plastic materials. Usually use ABS, polycarbonate or polypropylene. More detailed information can be found in the data sheet of each sensor.

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