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New polymer electrochemical gas sensor

  ●  Low small size: 8 mm x 10 mm x 1 mm small volume design, application field is more wide, can meet the portable small detector design combination of gases, break through the traditional gas sensor size limitations.
  ●  Low no power consumption: meet the demand of low power design in miniaturization testing instrument.
  ●  Widely used low: break through the application limitation of traditional electrochemical gas sensor, smart home, home appliances, smart phones, wearable devices, etc., to realize civil field of consumer electronics applications.
  ●  Good linearity, realize pure linear, within the scope of testing to ensure data accuracy.
  ●  Long life: for more than five years, life expectancy is applicable to civil, commercial and industrial use.
  ●  High resolution: & have spent 0.01 parts per million high sensitivity.
  ●  Good temperature characteristic: low temperature resistant design, provide temperature correction coefficient and curve.
  ●  Mass low cost: realize mechanization production technology, product consistency, better process, high yield and low cost can meet the demand of market in bulk.

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