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Application of Fire Safety / Emergency Rescue Monitoring
Application of Fire Safety / Emergency Rescue Monitoring

Smoke Detection + Gas Leak Detection + Detection of Various Toxic gases

The general fire can be divided into four stages: pre combustion, braised combustion, flame burning and intense combustion. The traditional fire detectors are generally in the three stages of the fire development, and the fire has already developed very seriously. Instant rescue and timely rescue will also cause great loss.           

EC Sense, a 10 year old ES1 series "polymer electrochemical gas sensor" designed for fire and fire detection, monitors and early-warning of four different stages of fire. Early forecast alarm will minimize the loss of life and property, and the toxic gas produced after the fire is monitored effectively. We should take corresponding measures in advance to ensure the safety of fire rescue personnel and trapped personnel.           

Low cost, multi toxic gas simultaneous detection, high integration, high sensitivity, ultra-low power consumption, long life, reliable and stable.

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