Systematic Use

The design of the system is mainly used for the quality control of high precision gas sensors / instruments, high precision automatic configuration standard gas calibration, test and so on.           

The intelligent gas distribution test system is widely used in the fields of chemical, material, physics, medicine, biology, environment and so on. It can meet the needs of gas sensor manufacturers, instrument manufacturers measurement system, school and national scientific research units for gas detection / material research. Using functional module design, users can customize and select demand functions according to requirements.

System Composition

Gas Distribution System

Dry and wet distribution system basic unit / control system / dry zero gas system / standard gas flow control system

System Testing

Sensor / instrument test fixture, sensor / instrument signal acquisition system / temperature and humidity environment simulation system

Software System

Computer / industrial computer / PC software

System Characteristics
  • Modular system design, each module can be purchased independently.           
  • A set of systems can control 10 workstations at the same time           
  • At the same time, 5 kinds of target gases can be mixed.           
  • The test of two gas can be carried out at the same time           
  • Design of a unique and scientific gas system           
  • Let batch test sensors / instruments contact gas at the same time.           
  • ​Batch processing can be detected fast and batch           
  • Batch programs run complex test conditions, such as testing for European standards.           
  • A test or test report can be generated           
  • The original test data can be stored automatically to the server           
  • Print a custom trademark           
  • Regulatory requirements for laboratory equipment           
  • Automatic control of temperature and humidity experiment box           
  • You can start remote test at any time and anywhere through the network, or check the test process or result. 

Network Multi Workstation System
Software Interface