After-sales Service Commitment

1.After -sale Service Object

1.1 The company's promised after-sales service for sensors is only applicable to users authorized by the company.

1.2 The company's promised after-sales service for sensors is applicable to the whole range of brand products sold by our company.

2.After-sale Service Mode

2.1 Telephone technical support service: if users meet any technical problems in the process of using the company's products, they can call the technical service phone: 0574-88097236, seek technical support services. The professional and technical staff of our company answer all kinds of technical problems encountered in the process of using the product.

2.2 On-site technical support services: every year, the company will provide on-site technical exchange to long-term cooperative customers.

2.3 After sales service: our company provides free warranty service to the gas sensors sold within the scope of warranty and provides paid maintenance services outside the scope of warranty. The user can carry or mail the fault sensor to the designated after-sales service location to get the corresponding service.

Receiving Address :

Ningbo Air Quality Systems Co., Ltd/ Germany EC SENSE Chinese R&D and Production Center

4/F, 17 Buildings, Zhongwu Science Park, No.228 Jinggu North Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo Zhejiang

Recipient: After-sales service department

Tel0574- 8809723688096372

3.Product Warranty Rules

3.1 Details of The Scope of Warranty Period

1)The company sells gas sensors according to the following warranty dates.           

     The warranty period is 12 months starting from the date of delivery (part model is marked in the original technical specification for less than 12 months in accordance with the original factory technical specification.)

2)Our company guarantees that its products are original products.

3)Warranty: replacement of the same product.

4)During the warranty period, the company fulfil its obligation to replace, test or assist in returning to the original factory without prolonging the warranty period.

5)The warranty sensor is purchased from our regular business channel.

6)The integrity of the sensor labels is required to identify the integrity of the two-dimensional code or product serial number, and the labels are not torn or replaced.

3.2 Non Warranty Scope Rules

In the following cases, the company does not provide free warranty services:

1)Not purchased from the company, or purchased from the company's regular channels.

2)If the original serial number of the product has the phenomenon of changing, replacing and tearing, the sensor label has the sign of replacement, the two-dimensional code cannot be identified, the product has no serial number, the product model or number is not in accordance with the product.

3)Sensor waterproof, breathable and filter damaged, providing paid services;

4)Broken or improper use of sensor pins causes damage to pins.

5)The product exceeds the warranty period stipulated by the company.

6)Failure and damage caused by the use, maintenance and safekeeping of the proposed working environment without instructions or correct methods according to the product instructions.

7)Damage to the sensor caused by the mailing process;

8)Substandard products caused by irregular use, accidents or negligence of customers.

9)We do not accept products from other brands, and will be returned to our customers directly, even if customers request us to discard the products directly.

4.1 Service Flow Chart

4.2 After-sale Service Flow Description

1)Please contact the technical service staff of the company before the return sensor, receive the feedback from the user's fault information, the technical service personnel answer the various technical problems encountered during the use of the product by telephone.

2)If the telephone technical support can not solve the problem that the user meets, the user can mail the fault sensor back to the company and arrange the test immediately when it has the test conditions. If the test conditions are not available or the user is required to return to the original test, the test will be returned to the original factory directly. Back to the original plant test, if the sensor is qualified, the user requests to return the sensor, and the freight will be borne by the user.

3)The company sends out the task test list on the day of receiving the fault sensor, and the tester performs the performance test for the product.

4)In our test, the cycle is determined by the difficulty of the feedback problem. The test report and processing results are usually issued within 5 working days, and the test report is provided to the customer.

5)The EC SENSE sensor in Germany is committed to the replacement of individual problems during the warranty period and the test report within the following 7 working days.

4)Treatment of Opinion Classification: 

   The result of the sensor test is a qualified product. The technical personnel of the company will communicate with the user again, and return the qualified product to the user after the confirmation of the        customer (written test report).

   The test results of the sensor are unqualified, and the sensor meets the requirements of the warranty period. The company arranges to replace it first. If the sensor does not meet the requirements of the warranty period, the company's technical personnel will communicate with the users and provide paid testing services.

5.Notice of Return

5.1When returning, do not short the inductive electrode and reference electrode with bias voltage sensor.

5.2When you return, make sure that the induction electrodes and reference electrodes of the non bias voltage gas sensors should be shorted, otherwise their working preparation time will be extended.

5.3Please pack each return product individually to avoid damage during transportation, and send paper failure instructions or test data together with the goods.

5.4Sensors containing PCB circuit boards must be kept in antistatic bags.

6.Other Instructions

6.1 The company guarantees its products in accordance with the warranty conditions of the company. This service is limited to products with quality problems, excluding any direct or indirect losses caused by compensation for loss of interests of buyers and other accidents.

6.2 After the company changes the product for you, the original fault product will be withdrawn and owned by the company.

6.3 The after-sales service provided by the company is limited to the scope described in this letter of commitment. The company is not responsible for the commitment made by any salesperson or distributor to exceed the content of the promise. The company reserves the right to alter or revise this undertaking.

6.4 In compliance with this undertaking, the company reserves the right of final interpretation.

6.5 The undertaking is effective and effective since January 1, 2016.